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This page is still in the beginning and will rise. For the moment we list a few destinations with an easy reachability from Ingelheim. Discriptions and pictures will be added bit by bit. Promised!

Ingelheim is a small town with Carolingian remains like the Aula Regia. Every year on the last weekend in September the Red Vine Festival is opened with the ceremonial crowning of the Red Vine Queen. This festival offers the visitor a various, colorful programme for a whole week.

Or you can cross the Rhine river with the ferry and visit the Niederwald monument, Rüdesheim with the „Drosselgasse“ where a lot of restaurants are located or Wiesbaden, the capital of the state Hesse with its historical buildings. Or you can visit the spa town Bad Kreuznach with its salines, Bad Sobernheim with its barefoot path, Idar-Oberstein, which is the centre of the German Gemstone Route, or Koblenz where you can visit for example the „Deutsches Eck“ where the river Moselle merges into the river Rhine.

Also Bacharach, Bingen, Sankt Goar, Oberwesel, Lorch or Kaub, other towns along the Rhine river are worth a journey. You can have a trip to Mainz or Frankfurt with its worth seeing city centers and nice pedestrian areas with a lot of shops.

You are more interested in quietness? Then a hiking tour along the Rhine river or through the vineyards of Ingelheim will hit the spot. The surrounding area of Ingelheim is also a good location for biking tours.

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